Namaste Nepal’s Heather Guay Interviewed by CBS News

Heather and CBS Crew
Heather Guay and CBS’ Cristy Fajardo

CBS News reporter Cristy Fajardo interviewed Heather Guay, co-founder of Namaste Nepal, May 25 for an upcoming CBS feature on earthquake relief efforts for the people of Nepal.

Guay, who has taken many trips to the region, discussed the unprecedented emotional toll being experienced by the people of Nepal, emphasizing the current and long-term needs of the children in Nepal. [Read more…]

Namaste Nepal Co-Founder Among Those Coordinating Relief Efforts in Nepal


Digumber with chopperAs rescue workers continue to deliver aid and search for survivors following the mammoth 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, Digumber Piya, co-founder of Namaste Nepal and among the initial responders to provide goods and humanitarian services to those in need in the region, says that the distribution of aid has been a major challenge, but that every contribution will help the resilient people of Nepal. [Read more…]

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